Parents…you’re doin’ good! :)

Hi parents,

Recently, I came across an initiative that is sponsored by Minute Maid and it made me think…our lives are chock full of things that pull us in so many directions, but then you add the fact that we are also parents to the mix and it can be overwhelming. This initiative is intended to have all parents take a moment in the course of a busy day to pat yourself on the back, but extends that by asking that each parent take an additional moment to figuratively or literally pat another parent on the back. I think we can all think of a time that it would have been awesome, and just what we needed, to hear someone say or receive a personal note that says, “Hey, you’re doing great!” So, I invite you to join in the fun of making someone else’s day! I’m not promoting Minute Maid, but love the idea behind their initiative and am including the note template for you.

And, “Hey, I think you’re doin’ great! We have the best parents at St. Laurence!” 🙂