2nd Grade

Mrs. Norine Huber-2nd Grade

My name is Norine Huber and I am the second grade teacher at St. Laurence Elementary School in Elgin, Illinois.

I earned my degree at Benedictine University (then known as Illinois Benedictine College) in Lisle, Illinois.  I learned at Benedictine the values of working in community and a concern for the development of each person.  This is strongly reflected here at St. Laurence.  It enables me to help my students reach their fullest potential and supports me in my endeavor to reach mine.
I have lived in Elgin for about thirty years.  I am married to Don who is also a teacher, so he understands the extra time and effort needed for this work.  Most of the time we say we’re going to school, not work.  We have a wonderful daughter who received a great education at St. Laurence which prepared her to attend and graduate from Loyola University in Chicago.  She is now married and has a family of her own.  I wish she lived in town so I could see them more, but we visit often.
I enjoy spending time with family.  I like to travel to visit family, historical sites, museums, scenic wonders, or just to kick back and relax.  Being a Chicago sports fan, I get exuberant with their victories, but am always optimistic when there are setbacks.  Reading is also something I wish I had more time for as I enjoy a wide variety of genres.
I have a wonderful life with my family and working at St. Laurence School.  The people here at St. Laurence are like my
family also.  We come together to pray, work, and have fun.  I hope to meet you soon.
I can be reached at nhuber@stlaurenceschool.com.