7th Grade

Mrs. Jo Trisilla-7th Grade Homeroom/Science 5-8

My name is Jo Trisilla and I have had the great fortune to teach and be a part of the  St. Laurence community for the last 26 years.  I teach science to grades 5 through 8 and my homeroom is the 6th grade. I also incorporate into the curriculum a three day outdoor education adventure for 6th graders.  We learn about our environment by participating in nature studies, teambuilding skills, and using the outdoors as a classroom. I also am a co-sponsor of our Interact Service Club sponsored by The Elgin Rotary. Our club is service-based with activities that help our school, community, and world.My husband and I are parish members and our son, Zach, also attended school at St. Laurence and graduated from St. Edward High School as a member of the National Honor Society as well as an award-winning football player.  The successes he had at the Catholic grade school level and then high school set him up to be a confident college student and football player and then a productive professional, as well as, an all around responsible person.
I graduated from Northern Illinois University and spent two years teaching in the public school system.  I found that teaching in a Catholic School specifically St. Laurence was where I found my greatest joy.  (Of course science is the best subject to teach, so it makes my job easy!) I also am a big football fan and have named my two pups accordingly…Blitz and Rookie.

Teaching at St. Laurence is an experience that has given me a sense of accomplishment.  I have been given the opportunity to help my students realize their potential in so many ways—whether it is experiencing outdoor education, planning an experiment for science fair, reading a novel that makes them think differently, or planning a beautiful liturgy with readings and music. My students achieve an understanding of themselves and their world just by being a part of the opportunities provided to them through this school.  I am blessed to be a Catholic school teacher.  I am honored that parents allow me to share our Catholic faith with their children.  St. Laurence provides an opportunity for children no matter their academic levels to be a part of a community, but more importantly an extended family.Please feel free to contact me for additional information:    jtrisilla@stlaurenceschool.com