7th/8th Grade

Ms. Sue Turas- 7th/8th Grade Homeroom/English 5-8

I am very fortunate that I come from a very large, loving, and supportive family.
Among my numerous family members, I have been blessed with a great niece named Finley and a great nephew named Easton. They both bring me constant
joy. Besides spending quality time with my family and friends, I also enjoy reading as much as time will allow, shopping for the ultimate pair of shoes, and finding
new ways to decorate my home. All of these would not be possible without my faith and the continuous strengthening of my faith through my role models
and Church community.

I have had the pleasure of meeting many of my role models during my 37 years (and counting) teaching at St.Laurence. St. Laurence is and always will be my
extended family – from the committed, dedicated, wonderful teachers/staff, the kind, generous, hardworking parents to the energetic, remarkable, and
talented students. I take my inspiration from all of them and because of them I remain and will continue to remain a St. Laurence Catholic school teacher.

My educational background includes B.S.ed. from NIU with 4 teaching certifications. One in Elementary Education and 3 in Special Education
and a minor in Educational Psychology. I also received my Masters of Education from Saint Xavier University in Curriculum and Instruction.

My educational experiences are instructing elementary and junior high students, tutoring high school students for ACT and SAT, and working
with adult learners on career-specific exams and degrees. As well as teaching , I also facilitate an after school tutoring program mentored by
St. Edward high school students(former STL graduates), co-sponsor Interact Club ( part of Elgin Rotary), direct yearbook staff, and organize 8th grade
school service activities.

I am truly blessed to be a part of St. Laurence and to be privileged to have all these individuals share their lives with me day in and day out.

I can be reached at sturas@stlaurenceschool.com.