The idea of gifting isn’t always about the money. Gifting can be accomplished with time, talent or treasure. Here are the options for gifting as a St. Laurence alumni that you can pursue.


We can always use a great volunteer. Don’t worry about coming up with something specific, if you have the time, we’ve got the project for you! Some of the ways you can give of your time includes:

  • Speaking to students
  • Helping at school
  • Chaperoning
  • Mentoring


Some of us have a gift in one area that may benefit our students. It doesn’t need to be a teaching gift. If could be something to help the school in ways that ultimately impact our students, but perhaps not directly. Maybe you are a master carpenter and our school needs a new bookcase. Perhaps you are connected to


  • One-Time – look for the Donate Now button on our sidebar.
  • On-Going – help our endowment grow to benefit students in our school. Some may not otherwise be able to afford to attend our school or allowing us to enrich the education we are providing to the students who are attending.
  • Fundraisers –  This is a periodic opportunity to contribute that is more than a one-time effort, but less frequent than a monthly endowment contribution might be.
  • Sponsorships – do you own a business or does your employer offer matching funds for contributions that you make? Consider sponsoring something on our wish list or be an event sponsor.