St. Laurence has a rich History

St. Laurence’s history begins when it opened its’ doors for the first time on September 18, 1929. The Sisters of Mercy accepted the responsibility for the instruction of students. The sisters lived in a convent at 217 Jewett Street.  The last nun retired in 1986. The convent has has since been torn down for additional church parking. Read more about the school and church history here.

The first St. Laurence band was formed in 1930.


St. Laurence continued to grow and prosper. In 1960, a much needed wing was added to our building that housed 4 classrooms, a gym,  a library, an office, a scout room and a  multipurpose room. Later that year the Girl and Boy Scouts met for the first time in the new addition. The new gym also got its first workout when St. Laurence and St. Mary’s competed in a basketball game. Kindergarten was added in 1990 and Preschool in 1991. Music, Art and Physical Education have always been a strong part of education at St. Laurence through the years.  Programs, clubs, and extra-curricular activities are always being evaluated and expanded to enrich our student’s educational experience and friendships.



St. Laurence remains a school with a history of strong traditions. We have welcomed numerous students whose parents graduated from our school. Alumni stop in regularly to see the teachers who are still here teaching and to thank them for all they learned and experienced. In addition to providing a strong educational and faith-based experience for our students, parents have multiple opportunities to be part of our “family” atmosphere because we feel as if it truly takes a village and our parents our on our team.