Our Mission and Vision

At St. Laurence School, our mission and vision include strong beliefs about the role of a school in the life of those children entrusted to our care. We humbly strive to keep our mission and vision at the heart of all decisions made.

We believe,

╬That God is the Creator and Father of all. He is the source of our life and well-being, calling us to holiness through His Son, Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

╬That teaching the truths of our Catholic Faith, as well as instilling Christian values are primary in the education of our children.

╬That parents are the primary educators of their children. The school assists parents in their role as educators.

╬That each child has a profound dignity which is recognized and respected. Each child must experience this sense of self-worth as a reality in their relationship with their peers, teachers, and parents.

╬That effective discipline, which in turn develops the self-discipline of each child, is critical to success. Fairness should characterize all dealings among students, teachers, and parents.

╬That learning skills in reading, computation, science, music, art, literature, history, citizenship, and physical well-being enables children to become active members in the life of society.

╬That, in a rapid changing world, children need guidance, direction, and a capacity to “learn how-to-learn”, in order to cope with the complexities of modern life.


Mission Statement

St. Laurence School seeks to develop the children entrusted to its care morally, spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically. The main purpose of an education at Saint Laurence is to instill in children the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ as set forth in the Gospel; to foster a sense of Christian community; to prepare for that community as actively committed members; and to instill a value of Christian service for others. These purposes are exemplified by taking an “active” role in the parish community through volunteer work and example.