Our Principal

Meet our Principal

Mr. Manuel Cantu joined St. Laurence School in Elgin Illinois as our Principal in June of 2019.Manuel Cantu, Principal, St. Laurence Elgin, IL

Here are a few bits of information about him:

  • Where were you raised? I was born in the small rural town of San Saba, Texas, outside of Austin, Texas. A fourth generation Texan.
  • How many brothers/sisters do you have? A brother to 8 sisters and 2 brothers, I was the third youngest.
  • What is your current family situation? My wife and I just celebrated our 32nd year of marriage on July 4th. We have three children, Shasta, Rodney, and Charlie.
    In addition, we have five lovely grandchildren, and one beautiful great granddaughter.
  • Why did you become a teacher/principal? Becoming a teacher was always a goal of mine. I admired my teachers. They were my role models, my mentors growing up. Educators made a huge difference in my life. After eleven years in the classroom I followed my second goal of becoming a Principal. I felt like I could make a bigger impact on the lives of children as a Principal as I would make the final decisions at the school level.
  • What is your favorite thing about being part of a Catholic School? Serving our Lord and our future leaders, our children.
  • What is your favorite subject to teach or learn about? Elementary science, I love the expressions on the children as they discover on their
    own. I myself love exploration.
  • Do you have any hobbies? My hobbies are fishing, camping, grilling, cooking, music listening, and watching the Dallas Cowboys, the Spurs, and
    the Houston Astros.

Now for the rapid-fire questions:

  • Cubs or Sox – Cubbies since I am now in Illinois
  • Coffee or Tea – Coffee, since I tend to stay away from sugar.
  • Pepsi or Coke – neither
  • Right-handed or left-handed – right
  • Dream vehicle – Maserati
  • Dream vacation – Month vacation in the most beautiful mountain resort in the world, wherever that may be.
  • Dream job – Owner/General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys
  • Currently reading – “What makes Teachers Great!”
  • Favorite movie – Imitation of Life
  • Favorite cuisine – Mexican Food, Enchiladas
  • Favorite color – Blue
  • Best job – First year as a Principal
  • Worst job – mowing yards.
  • Favorite quote – “The past cannot be changed, the future is yet in your power.”