Preschool Classes

Our Preschool classes include half day and full day optionspreschool

Catholic faith is taught through simple prayers and songs. Children learn about our loving Father who made us and the world in which we live.

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Why do generations of families continue to choose St. Laurence Catholic School?

  •  Affordable, High Quality Education
  •  Challenging Curriculum
  •  Christian Morals and Values
  •  Involve a Diverse Community
  •  Opportunities Beyond the Classroom
  •  Rich History and Tradition

Teaching the truths of our Catholic faith, and instilling Christian values, comes first in the education of our children at St. Laurence Catholic School.


To succeed across curricula in future years, children must develop concepts and vocabulary to comprehend written and spoken language. St. Laurence uses the Happily Ever After reading program which builds this foundation by anchoring instruction in classic stories from children’s literature. In addition, new vocabulary, skills, and concepts are introduced in a concrete way through a game that relates them directly to the familiar physical world. In this way, instruction always proceeds from the concrete to the abstract.


Ultimately, children need to develop fine motor skills to be able to write. To build these skills, we provide constant practice in cutting, folding, coloring, gluing, tracing, and drawing. Practice takes place in the context of activities children enjoy at St. Laurence.


The listening center promotes language and reading readiness skills, and fosters an appreciation for literature. To learn to read and spell, children must become conscious first of environmental sounds and then of sounds that make up speech, such as words and syllables. Finally, they must learn to hear phonemes, the small units of speech that correspond to letters.


Encourages each child to participate in dramatic play is a great way to promote speech patterns.


Number skills are taught through interactive activities and manipulatives. Sequencing, patterning and logical concepts are a main part of our curriculum. We build on children’s prior knowledge and capitalize on their spontaneous discoveries to further their understanding of mathematical concepts.


The time children spend outdoors is just as important to their learning as the time spent indoors. Physical activities wake up the brain for learning. An opportunity for gross motor and social interaction skills as well as pure fun happens daily.


Another venue for social interaction and self expression is to encourage each child to explore a variety of materials and mediums. This helps develop their creativity, self expression, and sense of personal accomplishments.


Circle time activities promote language and memory development, self-confidence and listening skills. The children discuss the unit for the week, the calendar, the weather and Show & Tell. Children begin to learn how to respect others by sitting while listening and sharing with their peers.


Positive social interactions between and among the children is a focus of St. Laurence Preschool.


A child must be 3 or 4 years old by September 1 (depending on the program) and have independent washroom skills.


  • FULL DAY (4 years old): Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • ½ DAY (4 years old): Monday, Wednesday, Friday  8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
  • ½ DAY ( 3 years old): Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m.

Our preschool follows our K-8 school calendar in regards to days off.


  • Enrollment application
  • School Entrance Health Form
  • A legal county birth certificate
  • A Baptismal certificate (if applicable)


  • FULL DAY 4 year old: $4000 (10 monthly payments of $400)
  • ½ DAY 4 year old: $1650.00 (10 monthly payments of $165)
  • ½ DAY 3 year old:  $1250.00 (10 monthly payments of $125)

Fundraising Obligation: $300 (per family)


Pre-Registration Fee $100/year (deducted from August payments)