Staff at St. Laurence School in Elgin include:

Fr. Andrew Mulcahey


I happily arrived at St. Laurence Parish and School in 2011.

I am a graduate of St. Bernadette’s grade school and Boylan Central Catholic High School in Rockford, IL, where I grew up. I graduated with a degree in forestry at Michigan Technological University, and after entering the seminary, got my Philosophy and Theology degrees in Rome, Italy.

My passions are trying and cooking exotic foods, discussing deep topics and movies, helping people to find and know Jesus Christ, and trying most any outdoor sport. Some of my favorites are: snowboarding, cross country skiing, and saltwater surf fishing.

I am very grateful to my parents who have constantly given me a clear example of coherent Christian living, but I am deeply indebted to all the priests, nuns, and dedicated lay teachers who helped educate me and form me into who I am today. I believe a Catholic Education can and should be a grounding force for young people as they grow up in a diverse and shifting society. Catholic education of your children here at St. Laurence will be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Let me help you see why you are a valued and most welcome member of our St. Laurence Parish Family.

Wendy Kelly - Principal

Wendy Kelly



Cathy Laudant



Sue Turas

8th grade Homeroom & English


Jo Trisilla

7th grade Homeroom & Science


Kathy Jones

5th and 6th grade


Diane Graffagna

4th grade


Rachel Hofmann

3rd grade


Norine Huber

2nd grade


Pam Collins

1st grade


Anne Sonneman



Connie Johnson

Pre-K 4 year olds


Jeanine Austin

Physical Education and Art


Allison DeBrocke

Technology and Music


Briana Collins
Religious Education
Melissa Bucholz
Missy Centanni
Aftercare Director