It’s All About the “Why”

There are many reasons Why – let me illustrate a few for you!

Have you heard Simon Sinek’s TED Talk about Start with Why? It inspired me to come up with the Days of WHY which are reasons WHY you should consider St. Laurence School for your student’s education. Watch a shortened version of his talk here.

Here are the first 7 editions of “Days of Why”!

Day of Why #1: Guided MathWhy - Guided Math

In an effort to create math confidence to change the culture of “I’m just not good at math!” and meet each student where they are in math, we are implementing Guided Math at all grade levels. Listen to Dr. Nikki explain Guided Math! To hear more about this teaching strategy from one of the experts, click here.

Day of Why #2: Summer Enrichment

Our teachers work into the summer to give our students rigorous enrichment opportunities that align to STEM learning, but, more importantly, are engaging and FUN!!

Day of Why #3: Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports

At St. Laurence, our philosophy revolves around doing what’s best for every student, every day. In regards to discipline, this involves taking the time to get to the root of behaviors, giving students tools to make better choices, and teaching them methods of self-regulation. With this in mind, we will begin to implement aspects of the positive behavior intervention and supports (PBIS) system with our Discipline with Dignity approach this year. While it takes more time than traditional, punitive discipline approaches, the time is well spent when changing lives in a positive way is your goal. Read more about the benefits of PBIS here.

Day of Why #4: Expanded Preschool Aligned to Early Learning & Development Standards

We are expanding our preschool offerings to 3 year old, 4 year old half day and 4 year old full day. In addition, our PreK curriculum is being aligned to the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards. As has been the case with most standards alignment in our school, we are finding that we go above and beyond the expectations. There are limited openings remaining…reserve your child’s spot today! To get a better understanding of the standards, click here.

Day of Why #5: “Specials” including PE, Music, Art, Technology and Spanish (5-8)

Because our mission is to develop the whole child and expose them to many experiences outside of the typical curriculum and research points to the advantages of “specials”, our students receive classes in art, music, gym, and technology. This fall, we will add Spanish language classes in grades 5-8.   To find out more about their importance in a balanced curriculum, click here.

Day of Why #6: Volunteer Tutors

In an effort to ensure each student is given what they need to be successful, we have numerous volunteer tutors in the building throughout the week. They range from St. Edward students to retired teachers. A heartfelt thank you to each one of our tutors for partnering with us to keep the important thing, the important thing!

Day of Why #7: Small Class Sizes

Another way we prioritize each child’s success is through small class sizes. Our average teacher to student ratio is 13. Read the research that points to small class sizes as a major factor in student success here.

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