We incorporate technology in four important ways!

In an effort to provide access to technology and prepare our students for the next level, we incorporate technology in four important ways:

  1. We are in the first phase of 1:1 Ipad integration. The students are utilizing the Ipads in the classrooms in meaningful ways.
  2. Our students in grades K-8 attend Technology class twice a week. The Preschool class attends once per week. In this class, the students are taught varying levels based on the Diocese of Rockford Technology Standards.
  3. All of our classes are equipped with Mimio boards which are similar to Smartboards. Each grade level incorporates technology utilizing the interactivity of these boards into the curriculum they teach.
  4. We have a computer lab that is available to the teachers for whole class activities that align to the subjects they teach.

Thanks to the generous grants we have received, St. Laurence Catholic School has recently undergone improvements to increase connectivity and access so that technology can continue to be a priority as we continue to set 21st Century Learning goals.