What some of Our Alumni are Saying…

St. Laurence was my school, my church, and my family for 10 years. The foundation of the school was and always will be the teachers. The lessons they taught us went well beyond diagramming sentences, designing roller coasters, and multiplying fractions. They taught us how to be good human beings and inspired us to chase our dreams.
As an elementary school teacher, STEM club facilitator, and geology minor I can say there was at least one teacher that had a lasting impact on me. 

The teachers at St. Laurence gave me the foundations to be successful in high school, college, and beyond.

~Michael Hofmann Class of 2005

The education I received at St. Laurence impacted my life in 2 very important ways. It helped form the foundation of my faith and also prepared me for the academic challenges of high school and college.

By having religion class and weekly children’s mass, I learned about our catechism and the beauty of Catholicism, I
developed an understanding of the parts of the mass, and learned about who Jesus is. I was most impacted by learning about having a servant’s heart and what it means to serve others. It was very influential in my decision to become a nurse.

The curriculum at St. Laurence is challenging and thorough. I was well prepared for the demands of high school. The teachers are caring and take an interest in each student individually.

~Lisa Padilla Arbulu class of 1984

I attended St. Laurence from 1957-1964 (grades 1-7). My parents moved our family to St. Thomas More parish during my 8th grade year, to my regret. I have life long friends from my years at St. Laurence and fondly remember many of my teachers. I received a firm academic foundation, good discipline and positive experiences through the Church. I retain the love of reading begun during that time. My desire to become a teacher which led me to a Masters degree and Doctoral degree began at St. Laurence. I have retired after 43 years serving as faculty and administrator in higher education. My experiences at St. Laurence led to my successful career and I recommend St. Laurence to parents seeking a strong academic experience for their children.

~Susan Cooper, Ed.D Class of 1965

I went to St. Laurence for 10 years from 1995-2005. Looking back on my time there, I have so many great memories. The school had the close knit feel that allowed relationships to grow among your friends and teachers to the point that you considered them family. I loved how close I was with everyone and I still maintain those close relationships today. The teachers really cared about each child and they were committed to seeing us become our best. One of my teachers was my best friend’s mother and another teacher became a great friend and they were still able to provide me with constructive criticism. The reason they were able to do this, was because they genuinely cared about all of us becoming our best selves. For that, I will always be truly thankful. Being Catholic, I also felt it was very important to have the Church connected to the school. Going to mass once a week and having religion class helped young children build their own relationship with God. I loved my time at St. Laurence even when it wasn’t the “cool” thing to do and I guarantee that so many other former students feel the same way about their time at St. Laurence. If this is also being read out loud, shout out to Mrs. Turas – you know I had to say this and special love to Mama Jones as well! Love to you all!

~Josh Dix, Class of 2005

Education is more than just facts and information regurgitated to students in a convenient manner for the teacher. It is the collection of your knowledge and how you are able to apply that knowledge real world. Everyone wants their child to get the best.

So why is STL the best?

As an Alum, the first thing that has to be known is these teachers will give everything they can to your child in order to have a strong, confident, and quick-witted child that grows and matures into a person that will impact their environment for the absolute better.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you want A motivated child? A passionate child? An independent child that wants to take on challenges head on? A child that you know as they continue to grow will have not only the ability to do right but relishes that challenge and can handle the opportunity to do so because they know they can succeed?

My experience at STL helped me to be able to answer yes to all those questions above. My education at STL did so many things for me, my favorite part of that education was the feeling of having a clear and distinct advantage over every other student as they continue on after STL. Imagine knowing that your child is not only ready for new tasks and experiences, but is comfortable and excited in unfamiliar settings and will absolutely be able to crush it.

So how do these teachers do it?

You would have to ask them directly, but if I had to give it my best guess it would be that they motivate their students to want to do more, to go above and beyond, by inspiring and supporting the passions of their students. Whether its the talent show or the science fair these students are encouraged to take their interests and explore them in the school setting.

There are an innate qualities in these teachers that you will not see everywhere.

You will see a person, a teacher, a caregiver, who takes pride and is motivated by the success of their students. Read that last sentence out loud and think about how powerful that is and what it really means.

In a world today where people are always thinking me me me , what can I get , how does that help me?

Now picture these teachers who treat their students’ successes as an extension of their own successes. The teachers at STL are the embodiment of affecting your environment around you for the better permanently. You tell me where else that happens on a consistent and frequent basis.

Closing this school would be travesty to future generations and present generations.

We are supposed to leave things better in this world than we found them, well the closing of this school would be doing the exact opposite. Closing St Laurence IS the WRONG decision.

~Zach Trisilla, Class of 2006

Hi everyone, my name is Haley Ternberg, I am now a junior at Steds. You may have
heard the Ternberg name around St. Laurence. My siblings are lucky enough to go there, Mara is
in third grade and my brother Emmett is in first grade. My mom, Mary Kate, also helps greatly
with after school events and running bingo.
I started going to St. Laurence in the fifth grade. Making the move to St. Laurence was
one of the best decisions my family and I have made. Prior to St. Laurence I went to two schools,
from first grade to third grade I was at Coleman Elementary School in Elgin and fourth grade I
spent at St. Mary’s. I left Coleman because the education was not great and I was starting to not
improve or excel anymore. When you’re at a school I believe it is important to have a
relationship with your teachers at Coleman I had no sense of a family or community, it was not a
priority. From Coleman I went to St. Mary’s in search of a better education and a sense of a
family or community. I didn’t receive that attending St. Mary’s, there was no family feeling, the
education was a little better but nothing like what I would receive in a year from St. Laurence.
When I was at St. Laurence I received the best education I have ever and will ever
receive. Not only is the education outstanding the sense of family at St. Laurence is
overwhelming. On my first day of fifth grade at St. Laurence I had a feeling I had yet to have, I
felt at home. Going to school wasn’t a fight anymore, I wanted to go, I wanted to see my
teachers, I wanted to see my friends, I was excited. I use to dread getting up and going to school
but with the teachers and community at STL it was easy to get up and get ready for school.
When you’re at STL you are taught so much more than education, you learn the meaning
of real friends, how to live and embody Christ in our everyday life. I met three of closest friends
in fifth grade and they are still my closest friends. A lot of people I know that went to other
schools in the diocese didn’t have lasting friendships with their classmates. I still talk to almost
everyone from my class. Without St. Laurence I wouldn’t have met the girls I am best friends
with now. I wouldn’t have had teachers that cared about all of us from the bottom of their hearts.
St. Laurence truly embodies what it means to live as an image in Christ. I will never forget this
school and I encourage you to think about why your children are smiling every day after leaving
St. Laurence… it’s because of the hardworking teachers that are behind the scenes teaching your
children how to grow and mature into adults.
Going into high school is a nerve wrecking time but with St. Laurence I was prepared. A
handful of my peers were very overwhelmed and stressed out because their prior education
didn’t prepare them fully for high school but all of my friends that attended St. Laurence with me
were more than prepared.
I frequently come back to volunteer and help out with a variety of things. Normally
people dread coming back to their middle school but my best friends and I don’t mind coming
back and helping out. St. Laurence isn’t just a school; it is a family. A family I am beyond proud
to be apart of.

~Haley Ternberg Class of 2016